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Current Political Issues and the Political Leaders of India

Today when the Politics and politicians are degrading themselves day by day not only their behaviour standard their communication level is also not up to that level as it should be expected from the country representatives, I am not talking about all but most of it (99.9999%) are putting themselves into the worst bin through their all day over day, month after month activities. The only console or Prime objective they do have which is their self-benefits & interests nothing else. In all history books and social studies books, we describe India as a land of unity in diversity. But the irony is that there is only diversity and no unity at all.

Now Politics is not all about service for the National Interest but it is completely transformed to a core grey profession opted by trickster fraudster and goons who have high jacked all the administrative bodies, statutory bodies, constitutional bodies and their operations by all means and the common people or citizens are fragmented and sub-fragmented under the term cast, religion and other so many baseless worthless bogus inconsequential matter of concerned.

Today if India is considered to be a progressing country just because of the people those who had worked hard in 1960 - 1990 when the patriotism was up to their highest level in the blood of bureaucrats/common people/businessman, it does not mean that the corruption was not there but it was limited to the small extent, reason being the society was flooded with the people of high thinking and simple living which is totally reversed now.

Now everyone wants maximum returns at any cost with the highest standard of living and cheapest standard of thinking, whether it is BJP or Congress or other national or state level political parties all are same or the peoples of similar standards of insignificant wretched thinking. All the major issues which are completely related to the progress of a nation and their citizens are overlooked or side edged, no talks or act on it, the only thing which is going on nowadays is Mandir-Masjid/raped by Pandit - raped by Maulvi or mulla/Upper Cast - Lower cast Dalit Samaj moreover all the news channels are giving prime locus to these issues (As directed or funded by their masters). The Social media and other social networking sites are filled with these bogus issues as viral or posted by the digital marketing team of these political parties. In the same manner, you need to pass NET/GATE/TET to be a professional but you do not need any qualification to rule a State or the country even n most of the departments the peons are found to be more educated than former HRD minster Ms. Smiriti Zubin Irani. .

Half of the country population is struggling and standing at the edge of starvation. They spend hours discussing what’s wrong in the country but do nothing to change it or correct it.

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