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Vijay Malya Institute of Bank Swindle and Political Sleaze Management

Respected Readers

I ask your exculpate for composing this blog however the present news of farmer’s bank loan waiver bound me to compose it. In Today's morning news the farmers were demonstrating the authentications or checks which is given by the administration authorities to postpone off 35 paisa through a check of worth three rupees, again producing the misfortunes and making the enjoyment of agriculturists by forgoing 35 paisa from his loan amount. In the Same way I am creating a mimic of behavior which is written as follows…………..

Applications are invited for the BSPSM Program of Vijay Malya Institute of Bank Swindle and Political Sleaze Management. Why you should opt Vijay Malya Institute of Bank Swindle and Political Sleaze Management the reasons are as under……

Dear Aspirants as you all knows the Fourteen banks, 13 of which are public sector banks, stand to lose nearly Rs 4,300 crore on account of the loans they have advanced to the grounded Kingfisher Airlines (KFA). SBI, which has the largest exposure to the Kingfisher Airlines amounting to Rs 1,202 crore, declared the loan as a non-performing asset in 2011 and classified it as a “fraud” in September 2016 and the rest thirteen banks are also moving in the direction of similar course of action as SBI matured, this is all the way indicating about prudence thinking of Mr. Vijay Malya & proved himself as willful defaulters and making him a “poster boy” of banks’ non-performing assets (NPAs)

Even SBI had filed three complains, including one seeking Mallya’s arrest and impounding of his passport, as the bank approached Debt Recovery Tribunal seeking action against him for defaulting on loans but Vijay Malya Political sleaze Management skills are so strong that no real or actual action has been taken till today’s date. But no doubt our Rajya Sabha & Lok Sabha Members are working so hard to make India clean and shinning through more and more advertisement on Television, Radio, FM Channels, and in Government files as well as through mass marketing over Social Media, Paid News Channels and Paid Print Media, thus Mallya’s Good Times May Eventually Cost India’s Banks or Taxpayer’s Rs 4,300 Crore.

Our prudent prime minister pulled out all the old 500 and 1000 currency from the market and insisted or forced approx 441390451 Indians to stand in banks line to change their currency but could not insist or bound legally the single Individual Vijay Malya to repay his loan. Although the PM has travelled almost every nation of the world but could not find London as well as Vijay Malya’s Residence anywhere.

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