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Evolution-2022 / Combating the War & Terrorism

The Army's focus is on the conduct of surgical and professional operations based on hard intelligence, while causing minimum inconvenience to the local populace. Simultaneously, the focus has been on the destruction of terrorist infrastructure, resulting in a large number of hideouts being busted and the recovery of huge caches of arms and ammunition. Let us help our citizens to learn about peace & protection & our armed forces in eradicating terrorism for our nation using some innovative tools.


Participation Guidelines

Participants are allowed to register as a team with the School/Institute name in the competition & can have a minimum of 1 & maximum of 4 participants. Once you register for the competition, you will get the participation ticket on the registered email.

Online Submissions of Prototypes / Sketch / Ideas / Demonstration  will start on 5th December 2022, 9 AM, and will be open till 18th December 2022, 11:59 PM

Teams can be at the forefront of innovation and can be inspired to explore their passions and showcase their dream ideas. It is a competition where young innovators are invited to learn from their past experiences, execute ideation in the present, and thrive in future endeavours.

Combating the war & terrorism

  • ​​Design an innovative solution that can guide the citizens about peace, protection & safety or help the military in the anti-terrorist operation.

  • Spy Robots

  • Drones & Missiles

  • Rovers & Any terrain Vehicles

  • Peace & Protection

  • Safety equipment

  • Defense machinery

  • War Safehouses & Shelters

  • Communication in warzone

  • Survival Training & Techniques

  • Others

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