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Read This Controversial Article & Find Out More About India, Indians and Politics.....ना तुम जान

Today I am bound to write the article after seeing one of the cartoonist posts on the facebook by the great cartoonist #Manjul. After few months in the upcoming year 2019, a campaign would be run by the Election Commission of India and spread by all news and entertainment channel by the Name of “LOKTANTRA KA MAHAPARVA".

Dr Amit Rai  blog on politics

And again a superlative Hyperbola would be generated concerned with the development of Citizens of India in terms of raising of their living standard, Education standard, Healthcare Facility and Infrastructure Development but as soon as the election will over the whole superlative hyperbola in context with the growth of India and Indians spontaneously transformed into the illusion for the Indians and behind it only one game would be played by all the political parties and politician to raise more and more money for themselves followed for the family, relatives and their parties to which they belong.

The people of India who have faith in the Indian Constitution, who actually want to secure their future and want to live their lives in a better condition are frequently utilized and cheated as the potential voter by these grey & crooked politicians and the common Indians get nothing at the end.

After every Vidhan Sabha and Lok Sabha Election, the politicians alter their source of earnings, the ones who previously in powers after losing the elections they will represent themselves as the true well-wishers of the country and citizens of it till the next elections , and the ones which are now ruling party, leading the Government will do nothing but manipulates the actions and activities as of doing everything for the nations. Behind these created scenes both the ruling and opposition parties are benefitted.

While the situationally most and least important common voters are the only ones who are the frequent and biggest losers of this process known as " LOKTANTRA KA MAHPARVA". The Independent bodies who are having the responsibilities to run all the operations smoothly and precisely they have to face the hostile takeover by the present government and they become hostile and do all and all ethical or unethical as instructed by the present ruling party. politics as a game of power surrounded by corruption, scams, terrorism, communalism and rigorous laws implemented by gnarled politicians. What I would like to state is that neither all politicians are devils nor all are saints and same goes for every individual in our nation but the percentage of devils are more as compared to saints and dominate over the saints.

At last, I want to conclude that in the end by saying, in the present confused and unstable times where people are slowly losing faith in politicians.


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